Current weather conditions:

current weather JPG
Updates every 60 seconds (refresh to see a new image)

This image is being captured from an Amcrest IP8M-2496EW-V2 security camera’s RTSP network feed via a BASH script utilizing FFMPEG on an AtomicPi every 60 seconds. An Ambient Weather WS-2902C Smart Weather Station sends updates to the AtomicPi every 16 seconds, which is received by a python script that converts the data into plain text. FFMPEG takes the plain text weather data and adds it as an overlay to the initial image captured from the security camera. Other overlays, such as the graphic and the time/date are added before uploading the image to various networks/webservers.
Another script on another server creates a time lapse movie with FFMPEG using all 1440 images (1440 minutes in 24 hours) created the previous day. (The initial image capture without the overlays is also saved and uploaded so time lapse movies can be made without the extra stuff.) The script also was able to upload the video to YouTube, but apparently, that’s against the terms of service. You can look at the example code on github.

I also have a few time lapse videos on youtube, but they were created using a webcam instead of the security camera, you can see those here:
A time lapse from the security camera is embedded below.

Example time lapse video.

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